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Honey from a Weed by Patience Gray

Honey From a Weed Front Cover

Honey From a Weed back cover

Where should I start about this little treasure of a book? For someone who loves both sketching and reading, and good food, and fantasizing about living in the country, this is just the perfect book! 

The drawings are rustic with raw edges, which goes perfectly with the atmosphere where the recipes are developed. Yet, there is a delicate beauty in the lines and words. I could just keep flipping through the pages for the drawings. 

It is a recipe book, but so much more than just that. It is about a way of life that was fast disappearing. It is about deep passion for a life that was discovered, work that was satisfying and people that were grounded by the earth. 

Patience Gray was a pioneer in so many ways. Born in England, lived and worked in London, first editor of The Observer's women's page, life took a turn for her when she fell in love with a sculptor. They began a journey in search of marble, which took them to the most remote villages around the mediterranean sea. They eventually settled in a remote but beautiful place in Apulia, where this book was written. 

Whether you are simply looking a recipe book of Mediterranean food, or a book with a culinary stories, and a little escape to a far away village where you could make wine with the villagers, you will be delighted by this book.                        


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