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Little Known (to me) Facts About Bra

Breast cancer awareness month is upon us. I've being researching about bras. Not that the two are necessarily related. I'm sharing some surprising facts I have just learned about bras.

1. Underwired bras don't increase your risk of breast cancer. Dailymail is hardly the source for scientific truth, but my doctor confirmed that no research has proved underwired bras do so one myth dispelled.

2. Bras last between six to nine months. Signs that they are no longer good. Oh wow, I didn't know this one. I need to throw away a lot of my inventory. Right now!

3. You aren't supposed to just throw them in the washing machine. Bummer! Good news is you can reduce the damage by putting them in lingerie wash bags. I've got to try that.

4. A lot of women are wearing the wrong size. This is partly due to you could be one size with this brand, and a different size with another. Also, the size of the breast fluctuates. Ok, go get a fitting right now.

5. The perfect strapless push-up plunge bra that's also super supportive Does. Not. Exist. Is this even surprising? I guess I was hoping for a miracle.

Are any of these surprising to you? What some other things you know about bras that might be surprising?


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