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What Is Your Color World?

We've been doing a little home renovation project which involves painting the walls and ceilings. Anyone that has done such project knows the drill: what color should I pick? I didn't know before we started that selecting a colors could be such an ordeal. The problem is there are so many possibilities!

I started out thinking about some greyish color, because, well, it's supposed to be more modern. And then I realize there are literally more than fifty shades of grey. When my husband joined the conversation, the palette was shifted towards yellow because he loved a warm color. Then we read some articles about color theory for sleeping, which lead us to think about a much darker color, like Navy or Teal, which is neither grey nor yellow. You get the idea.

All of that was just for our master bedroom. We have five rooms to pick color for, plus four closets!

The agony came to an end when I came upon this quiz about color inclinations. I was pleasantly surprised. I came to peace with myself, the kind of peace that came with a deeper self-awareness. My color elements would be in Monet's water lily paintings, like the one below! It was such a revelation!

Needless to say, I bought the book Ode to Color: The Ten Essential Palettes for Living and Design to find out more. It is a beautiful book, full of textures, interiors, poems and history that explore each of the ten color worlds. It is very inspiring. And yes, it helped me solve my paint color selection dilemma! 

Ode to Color: Ten Essential Palettes for Living and Design

And before ending today's post, let me just share a few more pictures that will allude to you which color world I belong to. 
Central Park by me
Dry Tortagus National Park by me


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